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The Alice Country Club invites you to choose from a variety of membership categories.  Individuals, familes and companies will all find categories specific to their interest and recreational needs.

(1)   FULL STOCKHOLDING MEMBERSHIP may be acquired by individuals and entitle the member and his/her immediate family to enjoy complete access to all club activities and clubhouse facilities.  A Stockholding member is an owner of the corporation and may serve on the Board of Governors and votes on all shareholder issues.

(2)    ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIPS may be acquired by individuals living inside the 20 mile radius of the club and entitles the member plus his/her immediate family to enjoy complete access to all club activities and clubhouse facilities.

(3)  CORPORATE MEMBERSHIPS are particularly useful business tools and also provide recreational  opportunities for busy executives and their families.  A company may purchase up to 5 Corporate memberships at the current initiation fee.  Monthly dues are paid by each Corporate Member.  Each Corporate Member is entitled to all facilities and all club activities.

(4)   SOCIAL MEMBERSHIPS are an option for members who do not play golf.  The Social Member and his/her immediate family can enjoy access to all clubhouse facilities, including tennis, the swimming pool, and all club activities.  The golf course may be used on a fee basis.

(5)   JUNIOR MEMBERSHIPS are available for individuals between 21 and 35 years of age.  The Junior Member has complete access to all club activities and clubhouse facilities.  Junior members must upgrade to another membership at the age of 36.

(6)   NON-RESIDENT MEMBERSHIPS enable persons who live outside of Alice to enjoy the Alice Country Club facilities.  Non-resident members must live and work at least 20 miles from the club to qualify for this category.  A Non-resident member has complete access to all facilities and to all club activities.

(7)   CLERGY are ordained ministers who serve a permanent church located within a 20 mile radius of the clubhouse.  They have complete access to all club facilities.  Clergy Memberships are not transferable and shall terminate upon such member's transfer to another church outside the indicated area.



(1) Full-Stockholder       -0- $500.00 $167.06
(2) Associate       -0- $167.06
(3) Corporate       -0- $167.06
(4) Social       -0- $124.10
(5) Junior       -0- $111.82
(6) Non-Resident       -0- $130.20
(7) Clergy       -0- $68.85


*Monthly dues and processing fees are subject to sales tax and may change at any time.


*All membership types have a $25.00 per month food and beverage minimum usage requirement
  except for non-resident members and clergy.
*All membership types have an additional $15.00 per month capital improvement dues.  These
  dues are dedicated to keeping the club's assets, equipment, furniture and fixtures in great shape.
*All initiation fees include sales tax.